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Commercial Property Services

Site Selection

We have worked with a variety of clients to determine the right location to fit their business needs. We help clients by gathering and collecting business intelligence, including conducting a complete site analysis study.

With every site analysis, we identify and evaluate a range of factors important to achieving the business, and real estate, goals of our client.

Key business intelligence we collect & evaluate are:

  • Relative location
  • Visibility
  • Aesthetics
  • Utility Verification
  • Condition of existing structures
  • Regulatory mechanisms
  • Demographics
  • Traffic Count

Real Estate Acquisition

We have worked with several clients to help them purchase commercial property & facilities for a variety of uses.


We help clients find undeveloped property that fits both their building requirements and customer demographics. Using years of business intelligence, we determine which property & construction best fit our clients. We have worked with a number of clients to develop a property for their specific needs.


We have worked with a number of clients to help them dispose of real estate assets that are no longer needed while helping them locate a new site that fits their business needs.


We have worked with several business to help them acquire property through lease agreements.


We work with several clients to help them manage their property. Gazaway & White Commercial Real Estate manages approximately 250,000 square feet.

  • Town West Shopping Center
  • 1100 Hwy 25 B Retail Center, Heber Springs
  • 2811 Center
  • North Park Plaza
  • Brookside Plaza
  • Paragould Park Plaza